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A Quote


Beauty's Demise

A Weakness
That Everyone has
Everyone will succumb
To the tolling iron bells
He wont be stopped
Not by the powerful
Nor the weak
What is this immortality
That we all seem to seek?
You cannot stop him
He will stop on your day
The beautiful
Nor the ugly
Will escape his fateful visit
No one can fathom death
It is hard to figure out
But it will happen
He will come
Not just for me
Nor for you
But for everyone
The human race
Will all succumb to his wrath
A Beautiful Species
Will one day disappear
Little by litte
The starting of Beauty's Demise
Is on its way




Raven Haired Lover

Raven-haired lover, so dear and so warm,
cling to me tightly - unfurl all your charm.
Darkling, yet radiant - wild, gentle, serene -
Beneath all your cover - a mystery unseen.

Fantastic, delightful, emotional creature -
Love's "vessel of bon-bons", a quadruple feature.
Shy and retiring - wild as March gusts.
Playful, deceitful - harbinger of trust.

Deceiver of minions - not used to her ways,
my senses arousing as coyly she plays -
upon my emotions - a lightning-hot glance...
thrills and enthralls me - I haven't a chance.

Beckoning, spurning - just one step ahead.
A hunt run too swiftly - prey, skillfully led.
Turning, retraceing - triumphant when caught
Proud and submissive - a purchase well-bought!

By:Robert Louis Arehart

A black dog; Actual size=240 pixels wide


The gray clouds hung low
And the black birds cried
The Iron Bells tolled
One the morning of her end
Every tear had been shed
By the graveside
The next day
For No One Understood
Why she had succumed to death
Beautiful and Bright
A Smile on her face
Yet, a sadness lurked
Deep inside her fragile body
Now all that was left
Was her cold and stiff corpse
They walked away
They never turned back
Their heads hung low
They couldn't believe
What she had done
They were shocked
It was not something
They expected
Just the other week
She had been so happy
Then today
They buried her
Along with all her pain
She was gone forever



One by One
They Fall
No sort of care
Seeps from your soul
Yet, Words of Hate Seep from your lips
Why Have You Forsaken Me
From Your Heart?
Fall yet again
They fall onto my cheeks
They fall
The tears
So Warm
Ive gotten used to them
To their
Warm, humid feeling
Running down my face
The tears
They fall
One by One
Yet Again
They fall
And again
The tears
They Fall